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 What can I tell you? Well...

When I was 12 I wanted to make a record player using spirograph cogs and knitting needles.

Of course it didn't work because I soon realised that the middle hole wasn't actually in the middle of the cogs so they didn't turn properly. Anyway this tells you that I have always made things out of other things in a way that is a bit unexpected. My friend describes my processes as haphazard, to me they are logical, coming about by sidestepping instructions, steering my own path through and making discoveries on the way. 

I can't tell you specifically what I do because that changes all the time. At the moment I am painting again, but I am easily distracted by things around me so my ideas and explorations meander and disciplines mix and merge, so I often don't know what will happen next. 

What I do know for sure is that I absolutely trust my process of exploration. The 'not knowing' part is very important. I either need to not know what will happen, or to not know how it will happen. The moment I have mastered an unruly process it becomes predictable and less interesting.  

The things I make are a result of me trampling across disciplines and conventions, cobbling together  materials and stumbling upon something new. 

I like to look at a piece of Art and be intrigued by how it was made, to find surprises in it and to sense the curiosity of the person who created it. If I am aiming for anything in my work, it is this.


Art critic

Art Critic
reconfigured disposable camera.


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