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I created this video using my Spirograph for this wonderful piece entitled Melancholy Plaything by Tim Ellis of Plucking The Spectrum.

 You can find more fab stuff from Tim on this link: 

This video was made in response to a composition written,

performed and recorded by Zoe Cure. More stuff from her coming very soon, can't wait.  

I made this animation to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. It accurately depicts the story of that epic mission which I remember watching on TV with awe as a small child. I have used my vintage Etch A Sketch, the popular toy of that era, to create the base drawings and the sounds for this animation. The melody is also derived from the Etch A Sketch itself, the notes it made analysed and then composed into the keyboard parts by the fantastic musician Anna Ryder. While the drawings done on Etch A Sketch are very much analog with dials linked to internal wheels and pulleys, the colour is digital idea how that even works. I love mixing old and new technologies.   

Bernie Sanders US Senator wore some lovely mittens at a very big public event in January was cold in Washington DC that day.  Bernie's mittens even have a wikipedia page.

I thought Bernie and his mittens deserved to be Etch A Sketched.

close up of work in progress
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